3 Smart Ways A Business Attorney Can Support Your New Business

When starting a new business, you are going to want to make sure that you have a business attorney on your side. A business attorney can help support your business in a multitude of ways and is someone you want to have on your side.

#1 Setting up a Business Plan

First, an attorney can help you set up your business. They can help with the creation of your business plan. They can review your business plan to make sure that not only does your business plan lay out a plan for success, but also lays out a plan that works with any and all legal obstacles that you need to think about. A business plan is not just a personal plan, it is a legal plan that you may need to present when trying to get loans and permits, so you want an attorney to look over it and make sure that your business plan is set-up just right to ensure your success.

#2 Intellectual Property Protection

Next, a business attorney can help make sure that your intellectual property of your business is protected. It is important to realize that there is a wide range of intellectual property that may need to be protected, from software programs that are specially made for your business to unique business operation strategies to your company name and logo.

A business attorney can help ensure that your intellectual property is protected by the right means. They can help you with trademark issues, copyright issues, patent registrations and privacy agreements with employees.

#2 Employee Agreements

Speaking of privacy agreements, a business attorney can help you with your employees. They can make sure that you follow fair hiring practices. They can help you develop a process for screening employees and candidates that follows applicable hiring rules in your state and also protects your business.

A business attorney can help you create non-disclosure and non-compete agreements that are legally binding. They can review your employee handbook and make sure that it covers all necessary issues. You want to make sure that you protect your company's secrets and ways of working as well as protect and take care of your employees.

A business attorney can help you draft documents such as technology guidelines for your employees as well.

When starting and running a business, you want to have an attorney you have a good working relationship with. A business attorney can help you set-up your business plan, protect your intellectual property, and draft all employee agreements. A business attorney can help with all aspects of your business, and is a good person to have on your side

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