Think You Are Being Sexually Harassed? Reasons Why You Should Consult With An Attorney

There are laws in place to help protect you against sexual harassment in the workplace. While some cases of sexual harassment are very clear cut, other instances may not be. You may find yourself feeling like something is wrong or off, but you may not know if it is actually just rude behavior or if it could be classified as sexual harassment. If you think you may be sexually harassed, it may be beneficial to you to talk with a sexual harassment attorney. Here are a few of the reasons why. 

An Attorney Can Let You Know If It Is Sexual Harassment

One of the benefits of consulting with an attorney is that they can let you know if you are indeed being sexually harassed, or if the behavior is simply rude or inappropriate. In most cases, if the comment is sexually driven, or can be perceived in that way, and it makes you and/or others around you uncomfortable, it is likely sexual harassment. Unfortunately, many people are fear being sensitive or unable to take a joke. An attorney can confirm whether something is sexual harassment, helping you to put your concerns to rest. 

An Attorney Can Guide You On Who to Report It To

Another important reason why you should consult with an attorney if you feel you are being sexually harassed is because an attorney can help you determine who to report the harassment to. There are laws in place for reporting workplace sexual harassment. If you do not follow the laws and report the allegations to the correct party, you may lose your right to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against the offender or your employer. The chain of command for reporting varies based on whether the offender is another employee, a manager or the owner. An attorney can let you know who to report the claim to and how to report it. 

An Attorney Can Tell You How to Protect Yourself

The last reason why you should consult with a sexual harassment attorney if you feel you are being sexually harassed is because the attorney can guide you on how to protect yourself. They can tell you what you should be doing if you are put in that situation again, whether you can legally record the offender's actions in your state, and how to correctly document any and all future harassment. 

No one should deal with behavior that makes them uncomfortable. If you think you may be the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, consult with a sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible. They can help you determine if you are the victim of sexual harassment, who you can report it to and how to legally protect yourself.