3 Smart Ways A Business Attorney Can Support Your New Business

When starting a new business, you are going to want to make sure that you have a business attorney on your side. A business attorney can help support your business in a multitude of ways and is someone you want to have on your side. #1 Setting up a Business Plan First, an attorney can help you set up your business. They can help with the creation of your business plan.

How To Prove Your Firing Was Based On Retaliation

Harassment and discrimination are still two of the biggest problems in American workplaces. Despite the progress that has been made in recent decades, there are still many instances of employees being subjected to either or both. Nowadays, many employees will report instances of harassment or discrimination at work, but this has also resulted in many employers taking some form of retaliatory action. This kind of action is illegal, and if you can prove it, you will have a case against your employer.